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Why Dr. Gordon Tang is considered the friendliest neurosurgeon

Migraine is headache variety commonly occurring in the life during the 2nd or 3rd decade. Normally, it is characterized by headache that begins on one side and slowly spreads to other side. This headache is very typical and recurs over a time period. It may be associated with hearing difficulty, vision blurring and nausea or vomiting.

Generally, people give various reasons for such headaches, but only on diagnosing the problem the history is detailed out and confirmed after a brain scan. Yes, if you are located somewhere near Berkeley, California, you can contact Dr. Gordon Tang.

Dr. Tang is an expert in offering the best treatment. He offers medications and if essential also suggests the required yoga, exercise and lifestyle changes. Dr. Tang is a neurosurgeon and is always quick in offering convincing and right answers. This makes him the friendliest doctor and neurosurgeon.  He has done elective spinal surgeries such that the patients are not asked to stay in the hospital.

Dr. Tang offers a simple and straight approach and this satisfies the patients as well. They are already confused and scared. On reaching at Dr. Tangs place and consulting with him, they get the required solace that they get ready for treatment.