Dr. Gordon Tang – One of the Best Names in the List of Neurosurgeons

Patients living in and around the East Bay area consider Dr. Gordon Tang as an exceptional neurosurgery specialist. He offers a comprehensive evaluation and has skills in performing the neurosurgery procedures in a series for various neurological conditions. This may include the diseases and injury of the brain, spine and peripheral nervous system.

He is a neurosurgeon specialist offering the best and effective treatment plans such that it is tailored to meet each patient’s medical condition. Dr. Tang can be approached if you have an incessant back or neck pain, tumors, spinal fractures, spinal stenosis, disc herniations, spinal injuries employment related spinal cord compression and any other infections and inflammatory conditions.

Apart from being a neurosurgery specialist, he also attends Children’s Hospital Of Oakland, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center and Alta Bates Medical Center, Berkeley. He has a great experience and has worked earning many awards including The National Alpha Omega Alpha Research Award. This has made him and his clinic highly prominent that after the primary care, pediatricians, doctors and also the family medicine specialists refer Dr. Tang for further procedure. He also offers urgent care and after care that he is one of the best neurosurgeons in the medical care.

Why Dr. Gordon Tang is considered the friendliest neurosurgeon

Migraine is headache variety commonly occurring in the life during the 2nd or 3rd decade. Normally, it is characterized by headache that begins on one side and slowly spreads to other side. This headache is very typical and recurs over a time period. It may be associated with hearing difficulty, vision blurring and nausea or vomiting.

Generally, people give various reasons for such headaches, but only on diagnosing the problem the history is detailed out and confirmed after a brain scan. Yes, if you are located somewhere near Berkeley, California, you can contact Dr. Gordon Tang.

Dr. Tang is an expert in offering the best treatment. He offers medications and if essential also suggests the required yoga, exercise and lifestyle changes. Dr. Tang is a neurosurgeon and is always quick in offering convincing and right answers. This makes him the friendliest doctor and neurosurgeon.  He has done elective spinal surgeries such that the patients are not asked to stay in the hospital.

Dr. Tang offers a simple and straight approach and this satisfies the patients as well. They are already confused and scared. On reaching at Dr. Tangs place and consulting with him, they get the required solace that they get ready for treatment.

Why there is so much popularity for Dr. Gordon Tang, here it is

Dr. Gordon Tang is popular among his patients and with an experience of over two decades, everyone in and around the East Bay area knows him very well. This is because of his very good nature that he always favors to consider the smallest possible procedure and does not pull any treatment long. He takes decision based on the diagnosis. His focus is on offering minimal invasive treatments and thus he ensures the patients are not locked to stay back in the hospital for lengthened periods as treatments.

Dr. Tang is a neurosurgeon in Berkeley, California. He is accessible on weekdays from 9 am to 4pm on acquiring appointment. He operates mostly at Alta Bates Medical Center.  Dr. Tang is affiliated to some of the hospitals and is also one of the doctors specialized in neurosurgery at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. A very important thing that everyone must know is that his team comprises members who are with him for over a decade.  This reveals his strength and his team’s confidence on the doctor.

Time and again Dr. Tang has proved his skill and compassion. This is apparent in the fact that he also accepts over 24 insurances. Thus all this put together, he is one of the best.